Boys In Nature by Richard Kranzin (Print Edition)

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*In stock. Prices shown include shipping and you can add tracking from the options.Boys In Nature is a limited edition book photographed by Berlin-based photographer Richard Kranzin. Over a two year period, Kranzin photographed over 20 male models for this project, using forests, lakes and fields as a backdrop and source of inspiration. He collected his favourite shots for this book. Printed on high quality 200gsm paper with a 350gsm velvet laminated cover, this book is a beautiful soft back for collectors around the world. Please note there is nudity in this book. 100 pages, perfect bound.

*Warning: If any of the images in our preview are posted by bloggers/press, please credit the photographer Richard Kranzin and link back to this page. A link to a free PR folder for bloggers/press is embedded into the digital edition eBook which you can purchase HERE.